15 Things That Have Blown My Mind In 2016

I wanted to do a “things I learnt this year” post but honestly I didn’t have a ton of huge life changing lessons this year. I did however have my mind blown by a number of random small things. Some of these are tiny things that blew my mind, others were little pleasant surprises. Check out the list of things I learnt this year:

There are foxes in Australia. WTF!

Pumpkin is a fruit, not a vegetable…

Flo-Rida = Florida!

Tinder dating really sucks.

Kmart is one of the best places in the world.

Swimming as exercise requires a level of fitness I definitely do not possess.

Umbrellas can give you really decent cuts.

A comfy pair of track pants/chill pants is the best thing ever.

Washing your face at night and in the morning are totally different processes.

Just for fun, because my friend and I saw this on Facebook one day and just cracked up laughing.

There are sensors on the roads at traffic lights that determine when the light changes!!!

Kwazy Cupcakes is a joyous and highly addictive game.

There are an extremely surprising amount of shit people in the world, because Donald Trump is the next POTUS.

Long solo road trips are both liberating and lonely.

Going on swings can make you very nauseous.

You’re never too old to watch The Swan Princess.

Has anything blown your mind recently? Hit me up, I’d love to learn some more random stuff!