5 NZ Bloggers Who Are Killing It

I used to read magazines a lot, but these days I don’t buy magazines, I just find lots of good blogs to follow. I wanted to share the wonderful NZ bloggers, some of whom I’m lucky enough to know through Twitter/bloggers networking, who I think are just rocking the blog department. These bloggers all have something in common, they all have this very real-talky, honest, chill vibe on their blogs which makes them the top of my to read list. I just love reading blogs that I can relate to. Below, I’ve linked to each of these blogs and also shared a post on each blog that I’ve really loved.

Sofilly – By Sophie

I met Sophie through Brunch Club, and she’s just lovely. She’s a designer and fellow Harry Potter addict. Something I love about Sophie’s blog is that she seems to have found the perfect balance of so many different topics. She posts about life and wish lists,  design stuff like visual designers she likes, book reviews, and some posts I’ve found super useful such as her intro to bullet journaling and another guide to bullet journaling. Finally, she has a wonderfully positive attitude as demonstrated in this blog post in which she talks about good things that have happened rather than focusing on the negatives that were happening (earthquakes and Donald Trump). Sophie is definitely a blogging role model of mine and if you haven’t already, you should check out her blog!

URBN WILD – By Britney

Britney is a huge inspiration to me. Her blog is refreshing and real, anytime I see that she’s posted something new I’m always so excited to read it because she always seems to have something unique to say. She’s also a vegan like me which is rad, and her Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is just the best. To me, Britney really seems to share how she’s genuinely feeling, rather than putting on a smile in her blog posts and vlogs – yep, she’s a YouTuber too! Her post about discovering your purpose really resonated with me, as did her stress and selfcare post. Her blog and instagram are both beautiful, super aesthetically pleasing, so you should pop on by and see for yourself!

Cait Rammy – By Cait

I love love love Cait’s blog. She is so real about when things aren’t great and about mental health, not to mention that she’s a super talented artist, as seen in snippets of her fine arts degree work that she shares occasionally on her blog and instagram.
This year, I’ve really loved Cait’s posts about mental health and self-care. I think these are such important topics that just aren’t talked about enough, so when someone like Cait is brave enough to speak out about how they feel, I think it’s so powerful. I really related to her posts about feeling lost, and on being open about mental health. Cait’s posts have really helped me acknowledge my own mental health and what I’ve been feeling this year, so I will continue to be a reader of Cait’s, for this reason and more. Not to mention the photos that accompany her posts are just gorgeous – go see!

Fern Grant – By Fern

I don’t remember when exactly I stumbled upon Fern’s awesome blog, but I’m so glad I did. She’s a super talented textile designer and illustrator also based in Wellington. Like so many of us, Fern finished up her degree this year and has shared about some of things she’s been feeling in her What Do I Do Now post. As I’m sure so many of us could, I felt I could relate to her post about insecurities. The way she wrote was just brilliant and it’s the kind of thing I wish there was more of on the internet. Real talk y’all. Finally, I thought her post about addictions was so brave and strong and I really admire her honesty in opening up about that. Fern is relatable and a super talented writer, so head on over and check out her blog!

Kasey & Co – By Rhiana

I will totally admit that I am a major fangirl of Rhiana and her blog. I met Rhiana last year at Brunch Club and we’re twitter friends, and oh my god she’s just so awesome. Her blog is the most no-bullshit, real talk, hilarious and relatable thing I’ve ever read. She’s a style icon and she shares her life with no shame. I really loved this list post about some very useful stuff about making 2017 better than 2016. Her experiment of living by the Sex & The City Rules for a week was super funny and a great read, and her story about a bad day at Victoria’s Secret was just hilarious. Finally, her post about “oversharing” is perfect. Rhiana is just an awesome awesome person who very honestly shares the embarrassing and great moments in her life, especially her dating life. If you don’t already, you should totally be reading her blog.

These bloggers are all rad, inspiring, badass ladies who inspire me, both creatively and as a person. What blogs have you been loving recently?

Xxx Lula

  • Thank you so much, Tallulah! I’m so happy that my writing, which is to help me come to terms with my mental health, is helping you in a similar way. Hope you’re having a beautiful Christmas and have a great New Year x

    • My pleasure Cait! I’ve loved your blog since I first discovered it – maybe a year or two ago? Glad that it’s been such a great tool for you 🙂 Same to you! xxx