A Change In Direction

Let me just preface by saying that I love reading a bunch of different blogs that cover all sorts of different topics. I think if someone is passionate about something and is willing to share that passion with the world through blogging (or writing, or music, or YouTube, or filmmaking, or poetry, or interpretive dance – you get my drift), that’s awesome! I’m definitely not here to judge and say that there’s a right or wrong way to blog. Whatever a blogger wants to do is totally up to them and I applaud anyone who chooses to share their passion in that way!

When it comes to my blog, however, I’ve really struggled to pinpoint what I want it to be about. I’ve been blogging since I was 18. I started my first blog, In The Field, which was a standard lifestyle blog where I wrote about whatever I was interested in. I eventually started A Wild Lulacorn and had every intention of evolving what my blog was and would talk about. Then, over the years, I’ve struggled with writer’s block, lack of inspiration, lack of motivation, and life getting in the way. So my poor blog was often neglected. But I’m now in a place where I’m craving having a creative outlet again, and I want this blog to be that outlet.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I want A Wild Lulacorn to be. For years, I stuck to general lifestyle blogging – reviewing books, talking about albums I loved etc – but then I got bored. Fed up with doing something that I didn’t feel very passionate about. I thought I had to keep up with blogging trends and post about what everyone else posted about. Wrong. Blogging is such a personal thing, as is any form of art/creation. So, I’ve been bringing it back to basics. Brainstorming, on paper, what I care about, what I like writing about, and what vibe I want A Wild Lulacorn to have.

I want this space to be somewhere I can write freely, be authentic, and write about whatever I want to write about. I’m going to stop holding back, stop worrying that letting myself be a little vulnerable is a bad thing, and start being me. Really me.

What will you see on A Wild Lulacorn this year? I can’t predict where this will go, which makes it even more exciting. I don’t want to plot out my blog posts for the whole year. I want to go wherever the wind/my heart/my mind takes me. So maybe you’ll see some stuff about mental health. Maybe you’ll see posts about self-care. There might be something about gratitude. Things might get personal (gasp). I don’t know exactly what I’ll be writing about. But I do know I’m happy and excited! I hope you’ll come along for the ride, whoever you are.

xxx Lula