Big News!

So in the interest of getting authentic and personal here on the blog, I figured I should clue you all in on some pretty freaking exciting news (although, if you follow me on Twitter or you know me in real life then you’ll already know).

I’m engaged!

“Wait, I thought you were a crazy, single, knitting, Harry Potter obsessed, bearded dragon and cat lady?!” Well, everything except the single part is true. In November last year, I proposed to my girlfriend Bria and she said yes! Obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing this post, I’d probably be crying into a cup of tea whilst watching Bridget Jones’ Diary.

We are blissfully, insanely happy! And in the early stages of planning a wedding. Which is super fun. Except that NOBODY TOLD US HOW HARD IT IS. But yeah, super super fun, and so bloody exciting!

Who is this Bria chick, you may ask? Well aside from being my wonderful, caring, kind, funny, supportive, smart, beautiful fiancé, she’s a teacher; an animal whisperer (seriously, the animals LOVE her); a Ravenclaw; and the love of my life.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll rewind and give you the edited version of our story.
We met in March of 2017 on Her, a dating app for ladies only. By April we were an official couple, and in September, we moved in together. Okay, I know what you’re all thinking. “Omg that’s so fast, did you get accidentally pregnant?!” “Wow, you’re such stereotypical lesbians”. No, neither of us is accidentally pregnant because there are no dudes in this equation (neither of us is purposefully pregnant either). And yes, we are very stereotypical, given that my only real issue with our relationship is that our cat likes Bria better than she likes me (I’m only kidding babe, love you).

Yes, things moved fast with us. But you know what? We’re the ones in this relationship and our opinions of how we’re living our lives are the only ones that really matter (and our parents’ opinions, because they’re real adults so if they think something is a bad idea we listen to them, for sure). But what I’m saying is, we’re not too keen on the idea of living our lives the way other people do or the way people think we should, i.e. being together for years before we get engaged etcetera. We know we love each other, we know we plan to spend the rest of our lives in a constant state of nauseating happiness, we know we don’t want to wait to be engaged and get married, so why would we?

So that’s my big news! I’m happier than I ever imagined I could be (seriously, screw illegal drugs, somebody should bottle the feeling of being in love and sell that). We’re so excited to be planning our wedding, and starting our lives together. So yah. You’re now fully in the know.

xxx Lula