Flannelette Sheets & Fun Nights Out

I’m trying very hard to expand my little word. Say yes to more stuff. I often find myself getting into a cycle of the same little life and while it’s comfortable and easy, it’s not always a good thing. I’m forcing myself to say yes to more, to go to that party or event rather than going home.

It’s totally a balancing act. Last weekend I went to a ball and was all set to dance the night away in town afterwards. Granted, that was all far better in theory than in actual execution: Note to self, actually consume the pre-drinks you painstakingly bought (self checkout + alcohol = pain in the ass) rather than only getting through A THIRD OF ONE BOTTLE OF CIDER so that when you’re at said ball, you’ve got a little buzz rather than looking around and hating everyone because they’re more drunk than you are, and you’d rather be sober than pay $9 for a tiny drink.

So while last weekend was set to be a “big night out” kind of weekend, this weekend is far more chill. And I’m okay with that. I had ZERO shame at being in my pyjamas by 8 (okay, 7) last night and watching episodes of My Drunk Kitchen from my cozy bed while eating Sweet Release Brownies.

Friday night

I know, I’m 22, these are the years that I should be going wild and having fun crazy nights out WHENEVER POSSIBLE because perish the thought of a 20-something enjoying activities that don’t involve binge drinking and club-hopping.

Okay, it’s fair, I definitely am a home body and spend far too much time doing very un-20 something activities from the comfort of the bed – I have new flannelette sheets and it’s just a paradise of coziness, frankly I’m impressed I get out of bed at all…

I’m trying to say yes to more shit. It’s hard, you know? Because as a self-proclaimed cynic and homebody and person who generally dislikes strangers/most people, choosing to go to some social activity is super hit and miss. Why risk being at a party with average people and average music that will result in an average night out, when I can guarantee a fun, if not slightly pathetic, night in with the Gilmore Girls or my chum Miranda Hart? Why, you ask? Because, this is the time to take risks, and to say yes and give things a go.

Sometimes the saying yes part actually pays off and I’ll have an awesome night, or I’ll meet some new people. And that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? Expanding my social circle (ever so slightly) to include a few more rad people, finding new fun ways to spend my time, having awesome experiences and, let’s face it, having a better story to tell when someone asks what I did in the weekend. So I’ll keep saying yes. To some things. Or, I could just binge watch shows like Sex and the City and live vicariously through people who aren’t homebodies…