Unless I’m asleep, in class or watching something, I have music playing. Since moving to Auckland I’ve adapted to spending quite a lot of my time in the car (I’m 30 minutes from uni and 40 minutes from my girlfriend) so having rad music to listen to is super important to me. I love exploring new music and seeing what’s out there. I have relatively diverse music taste, you can definitely see that if you look through my Spotify playlists. So, without further adieu, here are the albums and songs I’ve been playing on a loop.


Oh my god I am so obsessed with this album. I love everything about it. That it’s Kesha’s “fight back, f*** you song after all the stuff she’s endured the last few years. That it’s got such an awesome variety of styles. That it’s got excellent messages. If you do anything this year, listen to this album. My personal favourites are Bastards, Woman, Hymn, Let ‘Em Talk, Learn To Let Go and Finding You. Oh, and Boots and Spaceship. Okay, just the whole album. Listen to it!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock since March you’ll know we’ve been blessed with another gift from the god of music that is Ed Sheeran. Like okay this is old news but COME ON this whole album is freaking fantastic that I’ve been listening to it once or twice (maybe more…) a week since it came out. I’ve got tickets to see him next year and I couldn’t be more excited unless there was a unicorn, sloth or goat involved. My favourites from this album are Eraser, Dive, Galway Girl, How Would You Feel, Barcelona and Nancy Mulligan. But they’re all amazing.


My flatmate recently introduced me to these gems and I’m amazed I didn’t know about them sooner because I love acapella. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but oh my god their rendition of Imagine nearly brings me to tears, it’s beautiful. Actually you must watch the music video because it’s wonderful. Listen to this album. Do it!


//Glorious – Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey = This is beautiful and fabulous and Macklemore is the king.

//I Like Me Better – Lauv = This song is so so cool, a friend introduced me to it earlier this week and I’m obsessed.

//Rise Up – Andra Day = Oh my god this chick is phenomenal, this song gives me chills. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

//Avoiding Glances – The Manatees = I may or may not have only listened to this song because I loved that the band is called the Manatees. But now I’m glad I did because it’s fun and upbeat and just so cool.

//Broken Glass – Rachel Platten = I’ve loved Rachel Platten since she released her badass  “Fight Song” and this new song of hers is no different. Check it, and her, out.

What have you been listening to recently? Hit me up with any recommendations!

Lula xxx