The Battle on Body Image Issues

Embrace Your Beautiful

I think every woman (or at least the majority) have struggled with some insecurities around their body at some point in their life. And, newsflash, so too have a lot of men. Body insecurity is an issue everyone faces in some way or another.

We’ve heard it all before, from the media, from friends, from teachers. Be this size, look this way, weigh this much. Have your hair like this, wear these jeans not those. Society tells us we need to look a specific way, dress a specific way, in order to be beautiful or pretty. But why? Who gave the rest of the world the right to weigh in on how we ought to look? We are each given a beautiful, unique body. When did we decide we’d let a magazine tell us that that body isn’t good enough?

Unfortunately, as much as we try, the media will likely continue to project these images of how we should be. But I don’t listen to them. And more and more people are standing up and saying “Actually, screw these ridiculous hollywood ideals, I look like this and I’m going to rock it”. These women and men who are speaking out against this issue are the role models for every teenager who has been told she could do with being a bit skinnier, or who thinks her hair should be one shade lighter or her that her nose is just too big.

I struggled with my body image. I still do. I’m not a skinny little size 8 girl with perfect hair. I wear glasses. My hair is fluffy. There is fat attached to my body. But you know what? Even though I still have days where I’m not 100% happy with my body, I wouldn’t change it for the world. My body is mine, it is me, and it is beautiful. It took me a very long time to accept that the way I look is okay, and then to step that up and say that my I am beautiful. I’m not talking myself up, I’m simply following the theory that every single person in the world is beautiful. No matter your size or shape.

Adele is not only a wonderfully talented singer, she is also a firm believer that her body is awesome. In a discussion about her recent album release, she made the excellent point that there’s only one of you, so why would you want to look like someone else? And I totally agree. Why not embrace how beautiful and unique we all are, instead of forever trying to fit into society’s mould of what constitutes beautiful?

Claire Danes spoke out about her struggles with her body image, and made many similar points. Ellie Goulding dismissed the projections of the media by saying that she no longer changes her body for other people, her body is hers. These are just several examples of women standing up and saying, hey, I’m beautiful the way I am, so don’t you dare tell me otherwise. They’re telling us all that it’s okay to embrace your body and beauty exactly the way you are.

Famous paintings come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t look at a Picasso and say, “ugh, this canvas is too large, it would look so much better if it was half the size”. We don’t care about the size of it, we still think it’s beautiful. That’s exactly the attitude we should carry over to people. Embrace your beautiful.

xxx Lula