The Gilmore Girls Tag

I haven’t blogged in a while, but when I saw that my rad friend Sophie had created her very own Gilmore Girls Tag, I forced myself out of writers block because I have been a massive Gilmore Girls fan for a decade. I have a lot of love for this show, it’s honestly my number one favourite show. My friends and I already have our viewing party for the revival on Netflix planned, we’re so super excited. It’s a quirky, funny, relatable, heartwarming, clever show that I will always love. Literally as I write this I’m watching Gilmore Girls with my flatmate. So, here we go! (May contain spoilers)

What was your first introduction to Gilmore Girls?
When I was maybe 11 or 12, Gilmore Girls used to be on T.V. regularly and I watched a handful of episodes and fell in love. I watched random episodes on T.V. until I was 15, when I got given the first 2 seasons on DVD for my birthday. My Mum and I powered through those first 2 seasons, and then I was off school sick for like 2 weeks. We finished season 2 so then Mum went out and bought seasons 3 and 4, and we binge watched those before binge watching was even a thing. Over those 2 weeks when I was home sick from school, we powered through all 7 seasons, every time we finished a season Mum went and bought the DVD of the next season so we could keep going. It’s a really fond memory of mine, and it was a truly Gilmore Girls-esque introduction to the show.

Who is your favourite character and why?
It’s obviously got to be Lorelai Gilmore, for so many brilliant reasons. She’s quirky and has the quickest, funniest mind ever, she always has a wonderfully witty comeback. She does the nonstop talking thing that I do, she plays hilarious games and dances brilliantly, she has brilliant fashion sense, and she loves pop culture and movies. She’s all of those things, plus she’s a strong, independent woman who worked hard to get where she is,  and I really admire that about her. I also feel like she gives good advice, she’s always got an ear for Sookie’s relationship drama. Plus she’s an insanely cool Mum to Rory. Yup, she’s my favourite without a doubt. If she were real, we’d be movie night buddies.

Are you on Team Jess, Dean or Logan?

It’s a hard choice, but I think I’m Team Jess. Mainly because of Jess: the later years (season 6). I’ve always liked Jess, I thought his bad boy-ness was good for Rory because she was so goody-two shoes, and he was a brilliant intellectual match for her. Logan was an intellectual match too, but he was a bit of a d-bag. Jess got his life together and made something of himself and he’s witty, smart and funny too, so I’m Team Jess. A Jess-Rory kid would be like Lorelai 2.0, it would be smart and really witty and sarcastic. Oh how crazy-cool that would be!

How many books have you read from Rory’s reading list?
Rory’s gargantun reading list of a whopping 339 books is (as far as I’m aware) every book mentioned in Gilmore Girls, and I’m a little ashamed to say I’ve only read 19 of those books. Oh well, I’d say a third of them are on my to read list and a third of them are just too Rory for me to even attempt and a third of them I’ve never heard of. Nobody reads like Rory.

Would you rather; only be allowed to drink coffee, or never be able to eat pop tarts again?
This isn’t too tricky for me because a) I don’t like/drink coffee (the only thing which I think me and Lorelai Gilmore would disagree on – although, fun fact, Alexis Bledel, the actress who plays Rory, doesn’t like coffee either so every time Rory was drinking coffee, Alexis was drinking coke) and b) I’m vegan so pop tarts are a no-go anyway. Although, in my pre-vegan days I did love a good brown sugar cinnamon pop tart. Overall, I’d choose never being able to eat pop tarts again.

Who is your least favourite character?
This is a hard one, but I think I have to say Christopher… there’s other annoying characters I don’t like but they add comedic value to the show (Taylor, Kirk…) but to me, Christopher doesn’t do that. For the majority show, he’s an absent father. When he does come around, he often causes more trouble than good. I see him as a “fair weather” friend, he’s only there when it’s convenient for him and when things are good, but he’s like that for Rory and Lorelai which I think is just not okay. He screws up Lorelai and Luke’s relationship, pressures Lorelai into marrying him when she’s totally on the rebound from and still in love with Luke, not to mention that Rory wasn’t even told that they were getting married. Ugh, yup, he’s the worst.

Are you on Team Luke, or Team Christopher?
Team Luke, all the way. From the start of the show he’s been a true friend to Lorelai, a substitute father to Rory and a genuinely good person. He’s always there to look out for people, particularly those delightful Gilmore Girls. He took in his nephew because to him, that’s what family does. He has a huge heart, he’s witty and snarky, and he does the sweetest things for the Gilmore Girls: Rory’s birthday cake and balloons, the chuppah for Lorelai, Rory’s special going to Yale breakfast, the ice rink for Lorelai, and my favourite one, throwing the big farewell party for Rory in the finale. He stays up all night sewing a giant tent for them and as he says to Lorelai “I just like to see you happy”. That’s all he ever wanted, for her to be happy. So boom. Team Luke. Luke is king.

If you went to Stars Hollow, where would you most like to visit?
SO MANY PLACES. First stop would be Luke’s Diner for some small town charm and some fries. Then Taylor’s Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe and Candy Store for a scoop of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, and then I’d obviously be invited to the Gilmore household for movie night. Then I’d stay at the Dragonfly so Sookie could cook for me and I could have a snark-off with Michel. And it’d be perfect.

What would you steal from the Gilmore Girls set?
Ooh I’d want so much stuff. Rory’s books. Sookie’s recipes? Lane’s CDs. Paul Anka, Lorelai’s dog, if I could? Oh, Lorelai and Rory’s Bop-It….And a coffee mug from Luke’s Diner.

Finally, what do you hope happens in the revival?
I’d really love to see some crazy Stars Hollow hilarity like one of their ridiculous festivals. A quality town meeting. Some Luke – Jess conversation. A Luke-Taylor showdown. Paris and Doyle married with kids. Rory and Lorelai being awesome aunts to Lane’s kids and Sookie’s kids. Hep Alien rocking again. Some Michel hilarity! Rory happy and rekindling her romance with Jess (please not Logan), and of course, Luke and Lorelai happy and staying together forever.


This was so super fun to do, so a big thank you to Sophie at Nana Wintour for creating such a cool tag. I tag Loz over at Girl In Between, a fellow Gilmore Girls lover, to do this tag also!

Here’s to being back to blogging.

Xx Lula

  • The tag was a happy surprise! I’m actually split screen watching GG right now. I’m watching season 5 so once I’ve powered through the rest I’ll definitely do it!