Wonder Woman, Amy Poehler and Not Being A Dick

Kindness Is Free

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Is it just me, or is our society too focused on ourselves? Self-love and taking care of yourself is one thing, but I feel like we’re living in a world where everyone looks out for number one. What happened to kindness? To randomly helping a stranger? To making compromises so you can all win? To giving yourself or your time or your services just to help someone out? Where did it all go?

I feel like kindness goes through phases of being the “in” thing. Like everyone and their dog is all into random acts of kindness. But seriously, does kindness have to be cool? Can’t we just not be dicks to each other? That is possibly one of my biggest gripes with society, the whole thing of being a bitch or an asshole being “cool”. No, being mean and horrible to people just because you can is not cool, it doesn’t make you seem like an awesome person, it makes you seem awful! No you don’t have to be freaking Mother Teresa, but also don’t be an asshole. I really don’t think it’s that hard. I mean, we all go through times in our lives when we don’t feel particularly social/we prefer the company of animals and gin and fictional characters, but that doesn’t mean we’re all obnoxious jerks to each other.

Also, let’s not confuse being a bitch with standing up for yourself. I hate it when people call women bitches because they stand up for themselves and others who are being torn-down or discriminated against or belittled. Sometimes, you do need to speak out, or take control, or say “uh-uh, that’s not okay”, but that does not make you an asshole. It makes you a decent person. If men did that, they would be called strong leaders or some such bullshit, but when women do it, it’s like a cardinal sin. Okay, feminist rant over. But remember that. You can be kind and you can also be a freaking warrior who doesn’t take crap from people. Like Wonder Woman. Or Amy Poehler. Or Hermione Granger. I could genuinely go on forever because the list of strong women who inspire me is like a million times longer that any ball of string you could find. I hate that women feel they have to be one or the other, and it’s never a good balance, it seems like we have the choice of being simpering-do-gooding-doormats or “bitches”. Instead, I think we should start an army of badass kindhearted bitches. Because, in the words of one of my many heroines, Tina Fey:


Being nice doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to change who you are, it just means sometimes we take time to do things that might help someone else out, give a friend a break or put a smile on someone’s face, without expecting something in return. It kind of irritates me when I see articles about a kind stranger doing something for someone. Yes, it’s lovely when it happens but it shouldn’t be news! What does it say about our society that we have to splash it all over newsfeeds when someone is genuinely kind to another human being? It says we’re all so used to looking out for number one, preferring to work alone (10 house points to whoever gets that reference) and not having any compassion that when someone actually does something halfway decent, we’re so so surprised. It shouldn’t be a rarity. These sorts of the thing should be so normal it’s like rain. I have so many hopes for the world and future generations and my possible future children. But if I could pick one thing for my future daughter, it would be that she knows that she can be kind and strong, and for that to be a widely accepted thing.

I half-apologise for this rant on my dislike for the human predisposition to be a jerk and how I wish people were nicer, but I also don’t apologise because I fully believe everything I just said. Yes, sometimes I don’t particularly like people and I prefer the company of my bearded dragon rather than perky, bubbly people, but come one. Let’s all be a little nicer to each other. Okay, now I’m done.

Lula xxx